Ukraine: 5 articles I’d write if I had the time

You liked the warlordism that followed US-led regime change in Libya? You’ll love the nuclear-armed version that would follow regime change in Russia!

This piece would be a commentary on the quite possible/probable aftermath of any successful US/NATO push to oust Russian Pres. Putin, as has been discussed a little in hawkish circles and as would seem to have been implied by Pres. Biden’s March 27 avowal re Putin that “For God’s sake, he cannot remain in power!”

Help! We’re being deterred!

This piece would address the shock/horror of many US commentators when suddenly- after 30 years in which the U.S. military has roamed the earth, “seeking demons to destroy” and has never been held accountable for any of the mayhem it caused- they discover that when there’s a risk of going mano-a-mano against another member of the UN’s nuclear-armed “P-5” elite, there is also a real risk of escalation to a nuclear exchange and thus to the obliteration of all life on earth.

On “punishing Putin”

God, there is so much to write about on this. I would just refer, first of all, to material I used in my 2006 book Amnesty After Atrocity, in which I traced the record of attempts by the victorious “Allies” to punish Germany after, first of all, WW-I and then WW-II. The short version: After WW-I the Allies encircled Germany and sought to get the Kaiser extradited in order to “punish” him. But the German leaders of that era refused to give him up, so the Allies imposed very tight economic sanctions on all Germans as a form of collective punishment.

Tom Lehrer for a new generation

This would be a little project to educate the under-45s in the coping mechanisms needed for an era of mutual deterrence. The playlist should definitely include the following Tom Lehrer hits:

  • Werner Von Braun
  • The Wild West is where I wanne be!
  • Who’s Next?
  • So long, mom, I’ve gotta drop a bomb, don’t wait up for me!

And more on culture: from Strangelove to Breedlove

Of course, to learn more about the reality of mutual deterrence, the under-45s should also be watching both “Dr Strangelove” and that great 1987 ABC special “The Day After”.



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