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Some quick takeaways from this past week’s election news here in the USA:

1. Though Biden won, it’s still true that more than 70 million Americans cast a vote for Donald Trump. That, after four years of seeing him in action: racism, misogyny, crass cutting of health care and other vital social programs; “White” entitled-ism, anti-scientism, xenophobia, mean-spiritedness, bully-boy tirades, and all.

2. Joe Biden speaks out for “healing”. I think it’s too soon to do that except on a very clear, principled basis. Rather than “healing”, I think the key goal should be “education”, or perhaps “re-education”. Why should we say to those 70-million-plus of our fellow citizens that we will “meet them halfway” and sing kumbaya with them, starting today? First, let them reflect on such key facets of our common life together as: the essential equal worth of every human person… the need to work for the common good and embed individual rights in an understanding of obligations to the civitas that sustains us all… the need to avoid violence both among ourselves and in our dealings with other countries. …


Helena Cobban

Veteran analyst of global affairs, with a focus on the Middle East. Senior Fellow, Ctr for International Policy. Fuller bio at my Wikipedia page.

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